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Okey I did it! + soccer

Posted by Team GP

So I did it, I just put in an order for one.

Also I've just gotten my tickets to another game this Saturday. Well that was all for today, can't wait to get my hands on my new self-gifts and go see some soccer!

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Regarding yesterdays hoverboard tricks

Posted by Frank

So I looked into these self-balancing scooters a bit more. Only to my surprise they doesn't seem to be called self-balancing scooters and are apparently called "hoverboards". I was just thinking that the name would be somewhat more realistic but obviously this isn't the case.

Anyway I thought I would look into it a bit further to see what I had been missing and found what they call the best hoverboard here http://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/ and it is said that some go faster than 17 mph. That is insane. I do not think I'm going to get one of these things any day soon. With a little glance at the price and I felt that these hoverboards might not be for me. I then found out there are some that doesn't go over 200$ and that is more fitting to my budget, however I'm starting to think I might be a little old for these new things.

Then I found this

Inventor of the hoverboards

Inventor of the hoverboards

This is as said in the pic description the inventor of the hoverboard technology. So I thought if he's the best hoverboard inventor and he seems to be my age, why not go for one. I haven't gotten the time nor the money to order one just yet but I am strongly considering doing so. You're never to old for some new age fun!

Might even pick up on those soccer tricks from the video before! Isn't it fantastic that some old guy like myself have invented something kids and young adults are crazy to get. Remember that when you're seeing an old man/woman on the bus next time. Leave that seat for she/he might just create something very fun for you to enjoy later in life kids!

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Funny self-balancing scooter soccer

Posted by Frankie

Haha, as a normal Monday I sat here surfing the web going through some funny new videos and found this one. Thought I'd share it with anyone who reads this blog. Not many yet I might presume but hopefully we will take off together soon and reach new heights.

This is the video:

Two guys making hilarious hoverboard tricks with a football. I wish I would have been able to do those type of things. Some just have to much time on their hands unfortunately. But it was for my enjoyment anyway so no idea to argue there.

Funny self-balancing scooter soccer
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Traits Honore

Posted by

Welcome to Traits Honore sports blog, well be going through various soccer related things which is a real passion for me! Welcome and stay tuned for more updates!

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